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Friday 12/7/12
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--------------- HEADLINES ------------------

------------------------ 12/7/12 ------------------------

Happy 25th Birthday today to Aaron & Angel! etoro israel

------------------------ 12/7/11 ------------------------

Happy 24th Birthday today to Aaron & Angel!

------------------------ 4/2/11 ------------------------

Welcome into binomo vietnam the world Aaron's new niece Alyssa Jane Ashton (7-lbs 9-oz), baby daughter of Aaron's sister Leslie and her husband Mike Ashton!

------------------------ 4/1/11 ------------------------

Here is Aaron's recent video interview with SEVENTEEN Magazine!

------------------------ 3/22/11 ------------------------

Aaron will be performing in Klamath Falls OR on Friday April 1, 2011 at 6pm at Yesterday's Plaza

------------------------ 2/26/11 ------------------------

Here is olymp trade registration a promo for Aaron's two performances in March 2011!
(Verify details with the venues)

------------------------ 2/11/11 ------------------------

Aaron has completed his voluntary few-weeks stay at the Betty Ford Center!
MSN Wonderwall, E-Online

It is reported that Aaron's appearance at Rhythms of the Night in Manville NJ has been changed to Thur. March 24th - check their events calendar to see if they add his name or contact the club to confirm!

------------------------ 1/23/11 ------------------------

Aaron's manager, Johnny Wright, reports that Aaron is taking some time to get some guidance on some emotional and spiritual issues he is dealing with - prior to embarking on his up-coming musical projects. (Twitpic, People Mag)

------------------------ 1/13/11 ------------------------

Aaron's appearance at "Rhythms of the Night in Manville NJ on Thur. Feb 24th is confirmed by their events calendar!

Aaron's Feb 5th fundraiser for Audrianna has been postponed to a later date yet to be announced!

------------------------ 1/1/11 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to perform at the �Rhythms of the Night� in Manville NJ on Feb 24th! More info later as details are confirmed.

Last week Aaron was the victim of a hoax by some tweeters claiming that he had died!

Aaron's recent Ustreams: Girl You Shine and I Want It That Way

Aaron participated in a fundraiser for 4yo cancer patient Audrianna Bartol on Aug 22, 2010 - videos - Aaron is set to participate in a 2nd fundraiser for Audrianna on Feb 5, 2011 in Ronkonkoma NY at the American Legion Town Hall! - To be confirmed.

Here's a video from back in Nov - Aaron invites fans to his gig at Top Dog back on Nov 24, 2010!

------------------------ 12/7/10 ------------------------


------------------------ 10/22/10 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to perform at Top Dog in Cherry Hill NJ
on Wed Nov 24th (Thanksgiving Eve)!

------------------------ 10/9/10 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to perform at Crash Mansion in NYC on Oct 17th!

------------------------ 9/13/10 ------------------------

Aaron's new Twitter is iamaaroncarter
Aaron's new YouTube is aaroncartertvonline
Aaron's Production Only twitter is wonderlandmusiq

------------------------ 7/21/10 ------------------------

Be sure to visit Aaron's new official website AaronCarterMusic.com!

Here is Aaron's recent interview with Starshine Magazine!

Aaron will be performing at The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY on Friday July 30th!

------------------------ 3/10/10 ------------------------

Here is Aaron's new song "Vindication"!

------------------------ 3/2/10 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to perform at the MANSION nightclub in Miami Beach on Wed night 3/10/10 sometime between 11pm-5am!

------------------------ 2/27/10 ------------------------

Aaron is off to the Florida Keys this weekend to hang out with his old friend Craig Velger!
(8-1/2 years ago, Craig is in the "Oh Aaron" video in the blue sweater vest)!

------------------------ 2/1/10 ------------------------

Here is a "Dance With Me" video montage of Aaron - from twitter fans!

------------------------ 1/31/10 ------------------------

Aaron is attending the Grammy Awards this weekend in LA!
(small pics)

------------------------ 1/20/10 ------------------------

Aaron is part owner of "Slice Pizzeria" in downtown Fort Lauderdale FL!
Here's a video of Aaron making pizzas at "Slice"!

Here is a pic of Aaron's new Samoyed puppy named "Gucci"!

------------------------ 12/27/09 ------------------------

Aaron poses for Aaron Carter Christmas Portraits in LA on Dec 22!

------------------------ 12/6/09 ------------------------


------------------------ 11/28/09 ------------------------

Interview with Karina before the DWTS Finale!
Aaron shoutout!
Aaron teaches Keely Julian the Tango!

Donny Osmond & Kym were the winners in Season 9 of DWTS!
Mya was 2nd & Kelly Osbourne was 3rd!
Aaron & Karina danced their Muppet Quick-Step at the Finale!

------------------------ 11/23/09 ------------------------

Monday's DWTS Scores (3 dances): Mya & Dmitry 30+30+27=87, Donny & Kym 27+28+30=85, Kelly & Louie 26+26+24=76! Finals Results are Tuesday night!

Aaron & Karina attended the 11th Annual Day Of The Child Event on Sunday 11/22 in Santa Monica, CA! (small pics)
Aaron attended GBK's American Music Awards Luxury Gift Lounge on Saturday 11/21 in downtown LA! (small pics)

------------------------ 11/19/09 ------------------------

Aaron attended US Weekly's Hot Hollywood 2009 on Wed 11/18 in West Hollywood CA! (small pics)

------------------------ 11/17/09 ------------------------

Monday's DWTS Semifinals Results (3 dances):
Mya & Dmitry 28+30+29=87
Joanna & Derek 27+27+27=81
Kelly & Louie 24+27+27=78
Donny & Kym 21+26+27=74

Joanna was eliminated in Tuesday's results show!

------------------------ 11/14/09 ------------------------

Aaron is honored with a plaque from the Mayor of LA on a visit to St Francis Hospital - later Aaron serves milkshakes to the kids!

Aaron & Karina danced their DWTS Quick-Step on "The View"!

------------------------ 11/11/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina on Jimmy Kimmel after Tuesday's DWTS!
Post-show Interview 1!
Post-show interview 2!

------------------------ 11/10/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina were eliminated this week from DWTS - they had made it to the top 5!

------------------------ 11/9/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina post-show interview on Monday!

Aaron & Karina danced the Foxtrot and the Samba (90's style) on Monday's DWTS!
Week8 Results (1st+2nd dances): Mya (29+30=59), Joanna (23+29=52), Kelly (25+26=51), Aaron (23+27=50), Donny (26+24=50)!

Vote for Aaron at 1-800-868-3401!

------------------------ 11/4/09 ------------------------

Aaron is among the celebrities who came out to Universal Studios last weekend to support "Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 17th Annual Halloween Carnival" (Aaron 2 places - 2:05 & 4:10)!

------------------------ 11/3/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina won the dance-off with an excellent Jive! Michael & Mark were eliminated!

------------------------ 11/2/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina danced the Jive to 1st place in the individuals!
Joanna's team Tango beat Aaron's team Paso 28-24!
Week7 Results (ind+team): Joanna 27+28=55, Aaron 29+24=53, Donny 24+28=52, Kelly 24+28=52, Mya 25+24=49, Michael 23+24=47, Mark 19+24=43!

------------------------ 10/27/09 ------------------------

DWTS Double Elimination Results Show 10/27: Aaron & Karina are safe early! Melissa has the lowest score! Michael wins the dance-off vs Louie!

Interview with Aaron & Karina after Monday's show!

------------------------ 10/26/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina performed the Waltz on Monday's DWTS!
Week6 Results: Joanna-26, Mark-26, Aaron-25, Donny-24, Mya-24, Louie-21, Kelly-20, Michael-20, Melissa-20!
The Mambo competition winners were Joanna & Derek! Aaron & Karina were 3rd! Results: Joanna-10, Mya-9, Aaron-8, Donny-7, Mark-6, Kelly-5, Melissa-4, Louie-3, Michael-2!

------------------------ 10/25/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina danced the Quick-Step on "The Ellen Show" - aired last Mon Oct 19th!

------------------------ 10/21/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina squeaked thru again on Tuesday's elimination in 9th place! Natalie had the lowest total points! Next week is a double-elimination!

------------------------ 10/20/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina performed the Argentine Tango on Monday's DWTS!
Week5 Results: Donny-29, Mya-27, Mark-26, Aaron-24, Kelly-24, Joanna-24, Melissa-23, Natalie-22, Louie-22, Michael-21!

Aaron attended the 25th Annual AIDS Walk in LA on Sunday 10/18!

------------------------ 10/16/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina can focus better now that Karina's ex-fiancee Maksim is no longer on DWTS!

Aaron & Karina attended the 2009 Fox Reality Channel "Really" Awards Show on Tuesday 10/13/09 (small pics)! Show airs on the Fox Reality Channel on Sat 10/17 at 10pm (2hrs)!

------------------------ 10/13/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina squeaked thru on Wednesday's elimination in 10th place! Chuck had the lowest total points!

Aaron & Karina danced the Lambada on Tuesday's DWTS Week 4!
Results: Mya-28, Melissa-28, Joanna-26, Donny-24, Natalie-24, Kelly-23, Mark-22, Aaron-18, Chuck-17, Louie-16, Michael-16!

------------------------ 10/7/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina made it thru DWTS Week 3, but their total votes dropped to 11th place! - Debi had lowest points! - Tom DeLay had to drop out due to feet stress fractures!

Aaron at a DWTS Pre-Party!

------------------------ 10/6/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina danced the Rumba on DWTS Week3 - they tied for 4th place! Results: Mya-27, Natalie-26, Joanna-23, Aaron-21, Donny-21, Kelly-20, Louie-20, Melissa-19, Mark-18, Debi-17, Chuck-17, Tom-15 & Michael-14!

------------------------ 10/2/09 ------------------------

Interview with Aaron & Karina after DWTS 2nd week!
Another interview!

------------------------ 9/29/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina advance thru the 2nd round of DWTS!

------------------------ 9/28/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina's Quick-Step tied for 1st place (score 27) in Monday's DWTS 2nd round! (Vote 1-800-868-3401)

Aaron & Karina's interview on the DWTS red carpet last week! -
Another interview!

------------------------ 9/25/09 ------------------------

Interview 9/21 with Backstreet Boys about Aaron on DWTS!
Aaron's interview on Access Hollywood about MJ & DWTS!
Aaron's new song with Flo Rida "Dance With Me"!
Karina and Maksim on their break-up on ET 9/11/09!

------------------------ 9/24/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina advance through the 1st round of DWTS!
Interview - DWTS Stars as they leave the 1st elimination show! (35min)
After the show, Aaron & Karina make milkshakes at "Millions of Milkshakes"! Also, premiere of Aaron's new single "Dance With Me"!

------------------------ 9/23/09 ------------------------

Aaron meets with fans in "The Grove" in LA 9/19/09!

------------------------ 9/22/09 ------------------------

Aaron & Karina Smirnoff on the 1st episode of DWTS Mon 9/21/09:
(vote for Aaron & Karina 1-800-868-3401)
1st dance, Cha-Cha - good score 22!
2nd dance, Viennese Waltz - highest score 10, ranked 1st!

Aaron's interview on ET-Online Aug 18th!
Aaron was on the Bonnie Hunt Show on Monday 9/21/09!
Aaron on Chelsea Lately on 9/10/09!
Aaron's physical training for DMTS!
Aaron & Karina leaving 1st DWTS rehearsal!
Aaron leaving 3rd Street Dance Studio!
The DWTS double-elimination round is Wed 9/23/09 8pm on ABC!

Aaron and Karina will be launching their own shakes at "Millions of Milkshakes" in West Hollywood on Wed 9/23 at 8pm!

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